Effect Of Masturbation On Muscle Growth

Want to know that masturbation effects on muscle growth or strength building or on weight gain? And how does masturbation affects testosterone and plethora other queries are raised when you are dedicated to bodybuilding.

  • Is masturbation bad for gains?
  • Masturbation good for building muscle?
  • can masturbation affect your muscle gains?

Whenever we speak about masturbation the first thing which we get on our mind is that masturbation decreases the levels of testosterone. Assuming that all of you know that testosterone is the number one hormone responsible for muscle growth. On being a sex hormone and a feel-good hormone it gives you male characteristics. The muscle strength, Base In Voice, Facial hair, etc are all the effects of the testosterone hormones.

Effect Of Masturbation On Muscle Growth

Here in this post, we will be discussing all the cons of this hormone in muscle and strength building properties. A plethora of you gets to know that whenever the sperm is ejected out after a masturbation cycle, The testosterone hormone starts the process of preparing sperm again. In the same sense, the testosterone which is working to build sperm is held up for a certain time to build body muscle.

But the fact is its completely wrong. The most significant work of testosterone is to make sperm but not muscles. In the same sense, the number one priority of your body is to build muscles but not sperm. Bot these sentences hold loads of differences.

  • Your bodies priority is to build muscles
  • priority is not to build muscles

How Are Testosterone and Sperm Different?

LH and FSH are two hormones which send signals and produces testosterone. So whenever you ejaculate sperm by the process of masturbating, Firstly the brain creates an FSH signal then the signal is sent to LH hormone to start testosterone production. So this is the process of building testosterone.

Tough, you might encounter a plethora of people in the gym who suggests you not to masturbate because testosterone is the main reason to build body muscle. Never believe such words as it is completely bro science. Both the productions of testosterone and Sperm is completely different and isn’t linked with the production of body muscles.

Does Masturbation cause low testosterone?

This is completely a myth. Masturbation doesn’t impact on the testosterone level of the body. According to recent research, it has been proven that “Masturbation did not affect the plasma levels of testosterone in men“. It is proven that when you masturbate the FSH hormones are affected but not LH and T – hormones.

Another point to be noted is that every cell living inside anybody has an expiry date. Where our skin cell’s life span is about 28 days, Once after this period new cells are born and the old get’s expired. In the same sense, your sperm cell lifespan is around 24 days.

Which means if you don’t ejaculate/masturbate the sperm of your body gets renewed once 24 days. It is not that you have been saving the sperm since the past couple of years inside your body. All the sperm cells die after 24 days and your body absorbs those cells and regenerates new cells with the help of testosterone. The major reason for sperm renewal is that aging is not good for sperm cells.

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